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Hybrid Cloud

Best of both worlds

A hybrid cloud is suitable for businesses with highly dynamic workloads, as well as businesses that deal in big data processing. Business can split workloads between the clouds for efficiency, dedicating host-sensitive workloads to the private cloud, and more demanding, less specific distributed computing tasks to the public cloud.

Coreix hybrid cloud is backed off with our standard SLAs as well as mitigating the disadvantages of our public cloud or private cloud by combining the advantages of both.

  • Security over data in your private infrastructure only accessed by your organisation
  • Greater control and integration of custom applications not suitable for public cloud
  • Flexibilty to shift workloads between public & private cloud seamlessly
  • Scalability to access almost unlimited on demand cloud resources
  • Lower costs as you only pay for what you need, when you need it

Hybrid cloud solutions give you the flexibilty for your business to use these best in class resources at the pace and scale you need.

  • Dynamic flexibility for allocating additonal resoures for volatile activity and fixed resources for more sensitive workloads
  • Capacity increases when needed for short term projects at a lower cost without overinvesting in your infrastructure
  • Future proof  allowing you to match resources for your actual data management with the ability to scale at will
  • Separated workloads as not all applications are the same and need the same high costs for security as others
  • Migration to cloud at your own pace with incremental shifts of your infrastructure rather than a costly, timely full migration