Cloud Computing trends in 2019 focusing on IAAS and PAAS

One of the key tech trends of the past few years is the increasing investment that businesses are making in cloud technology. Last year, there was a considerable shift away from the private cloud and towards the public cloud, which was perhaps unsurprising given that managing cloud costs remains a top priority. But what trends have we seen in 2019 focusing on Infrastructure As A Service and Platform As A Service and what does this say about the state of the cloud today?

  • We are (almost) all using the cloud. According to the latest annual State of the Cloud Survey, more than 9 out of 10 enterprises now uses the cloud.
  • Enterprise cloud spending is increasing. For example, companies planned to increase spend on the cloud by around a quarter in 2019 in comparison to 2018. Spend on public cloud is growing around three times more quickly than spend on private cloud services.
  • A multi-cloud strategy is increasingly the way forward. In fact, 84% of businesses have now adopted a multi-cloud strategy. However, for most enterprises it's not a multi-private cloud or a multi-public cloud strategy that appeals the most - instead, hybrid is where the bulk of the growth is happening. The number of enterprises planning a hybrid cloud strategy increased to 58% from 51% this year.
  • The public cloud is a priority for many enterprises now. Enterprises plan to spend around 24% more on public cloud services in 2019 than the year before. This indicates that spending on public cloud services is growing faster than private cloud usage, which currently sits at around 8%. While the public cloud is now the priority for around a third of businesses, many are keen to balance the opportunities and advantages of the two. 28% of enterprises are making a hybrid cloud approach a priority for 2019 and 17% are keen to ensure an equal balance between the use of private and public cloud services.
  • Cost is a top priority when it comes to the cloud. Managing and optimising cloud costs is the main priority for enterprise IT teams today, followed by identifying which cloud applications are the most appropriate for the business and setting policies for the use of cloud services within an enterprise.
  • There are a number of key challenges presented by cloud computing. For example, cloud governance is now identified as a major issue by many enterprises. Handling software licences that are running in public cloud environments is also identified as another key challenge.
  • Although optimising cloud spend is a priority, many are not doing all they can to support this. Estimated wasted cloud spend sits at around 27% but the actual waste figure is more likely to be 35%. There is still a lot that most businesses can do to optimise the way that cloud services are employed.

These are some of the key cloud computing trends for 2019, with a focus on IAAS and PAAS. From the need to optimise cloud costs to the necessity of tackling issues such as cloud governance there is a lot to consider.

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