What is Colocation Hosting?

Colocation hosting is ideal for businesses looking to own their own hardware but not the associated infrastructure that is required to contain and maintain it. It's a way to get more from an investment in servers, optimising hardware and enjoying all the benefits that come from having an expert third party responsible for aspects such as security. Simple to set up and easy to scale, colocation hosting is a straightforward solution to many of the needs that arise from server ownership.

Colocation hosting - the basics

Comparisons are easy to make between colocation and renting a space for something like a car. While the car is always under your ownership, using a rented space for it means that you can enjoy all the advantages of the rental facility, including increased security and any on site services that enable you to get more from your vehicle. With colocation hosting, owned servers are located in rented space in a data centre. This is different to dedicated hosting where both the servers, as well as the infrastructure required to contain them, are hired. Colocation hosting works as follows:

  • Customer acquires their own physical servers
  • Servers are moved by the customer to the colocation hosting business premises, usually a data centred
  • The customer maintains ownership and control of all hardware and software settings
  • A relationship is established with the service provider so that features such as bandwidth and rackspace can be scaled up or down to meet business requirements

What are the benefits of colocation hosting?

Security is the main factor in the decision to opt for colocation hosting for many businesses. Data protection requirements and the need for optimum server security today have meant that, for many enterprises, it's a far better option to move servers to a secure colocation hosting site. While many organisations have begun to switch to cloud technology there are some ways in which this can be less beneficial - in particular when it comes to the degree of control that the business has over its servers. If that's important then colocation hosting is often a better option. In addition to security and control there are some other key benefits that make colocation hosting a very attractive choice, including:

  • Reliable power supply. Colocation hosting sites are designed with every possible back up in place to ensure as close to 100% power supply as possible.
  • Round the clock monitoring. Security is high and sites are monitored to ensure only those who are authorised have access.
  • Equipment monitoring. No need to wait until something goes wrong for repairs or maintenance, colocation hosting service providers are constantly monitoring servers to ensure hardware is functioning optimally.
  • A high-powered network. Opting for colocation hosting means access to the service provider's high-powered network with optimum connection speeds.

The option of colocation hosting provides greater control over servers than moving to the cloud but a range of other benefits, such as increased security and reliable monitoring. It's the ideal choice for any business looking to optimise hardware investment.

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