Discover the 7 signs that your expanding business needs colocation

Robust IT underpins growth for any expanding business today. However, managing IT needs can be a huge challenge, especially if these are currently all being handled in-house. From concerns about a response to a crash or disaster situation, to the need for constant security upgrades and atmospheric control of the space that the servers occupy, there is a lot to think about. If your business is growing then colocation may provide a crucial, positive solution to your IT needs - these 7 signs indicate that it might be an option that suits your enterprise.

  1. You know that downtime can be devastating. Whether you've already experienced this in your own businesses or seen the impact that it's had on competitors, fears about downtime are a good reason to look into colocation. The right colocation facility will minimise the potential for downtime via sophisticated monitoring, management and backup systems.
  2. Existing premises are becoming a tight squeeze. The reality is that servers take up space that could be valuably used by people. If you need to reshuffle your premises to make more room for an expanding workforce, colocation can create space by taking your servers off site.
  3. Security scares. Is your business equipped to deal with all current security risks, both physical and digital? And do you have an ongoing programme of updates in place? Staying on top of security needs can be costly and time consuming but is also essential - loss of hardware or data is not just an individual business problem but may cause compliance issues too. Colocation services provide the highest quality security on a professional basis, often at a more sophisticated level than an individual business is capable of.
  4. Your current space isn't scalable for servers. If you need more space for servers to support expansion then it has to come from somewhere. Whether that's removing desks or employee facilities, the impact can end up being negative. A better solution is to opt for colocation, which provides scalable services designed to be able to effortlessly accommodate growth.
  5. Your current IT costs are spiralling and you don't know where to make savings. IT is so crucial to business growth today that many businesses commit huge budgets to it without the insight to ensure that investment is made to work. Working with colocation provides a way to switch to predictable and manageable IT costs. A good provider will also be able to make suggestions in terms of how to optimise investment to reduce unnecessary spend.
  6. A specific location is essential to your business but comes with risks. That could be, for example, a city centre that may also be high risk for terrorism or flooding. Separating your servers from your business premises can help to mitigate this risk and minimise the potential for disruption.
  7. You're not reassured by your existing IT team. For example, you're not sure they're available 24/7 or have the in-depth expertise to handle a wide range of issues. If you opt for colocation then your servers are in the hands of true specialists who can provide support and responsiveness around the clock.

If your business is growing, colocation could be the ideal solution to support your expanding IT needs.

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