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Understanding what Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds are

5 Considerations when contemplating Edge Computing

Today, we are generating, storing, transferring and consuming vast volumes of data on a daily basis. The introduction of 5G is expected to increase this exponentially, with higher data transfer rates and improved network abilities that make it possible to create and consume even more ...

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Understanding what Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds are

Data Centres, making it all possible

As all the conversations around IT today seem to focus largely on the cloud it would be easy to forget how important the role of the data centre remains. Whether you’ve already migrated files, application workloads and test environments to the cloud, or you’re managing everything on premise, it’s data centres – yours or the cloud provider’s – that make everything possible ...

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Coreix talks to TheStack.TV at Cloud Expo Europe 2017.

Tristan Lee-Johnson, Head of Sales at Coreix talks to TheStack.TV at Cloud Expo Europe 2017

Coreix talks to

Building a solution that is right for the client: Alan Dean, MD of Coreix spoke to The Stack about the companies value proposition, what separates it from the pack and why over 600 clients choose Coreix to host their servers, systems and infrastructure.

Coreix speaks live at Cloud Expo Europe 2016.

Alan Dean, MD of Coreix, recently spoke to an audience at Cloud Expo about the company’s exciting plan to launch a point of presence in what looks to be London’s most resilient datacentre projects yet, Here East. He also spoke about the upcoming launch of its second generation public cloud platform.

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