Datacentre Colocation

Coreix Colocation: Eliminating Risks, Maximising Performance

Whether you are a small business with modest bandwidth needs or a global corporation with multiple server demands, Coreix datacentre colocation is designed to help you achieve your objectives.

Managing IT equipment in-house can be both expensive and risky. Not only are there significant space and staff resources to consider, storing mail, Web, and file servers within your own business exposes you to potential power outages, fire damage, hardware theft, and natural disasters.

Coreix datacentre colocation is specifically designed to mitigate these risks.

By storing IT equipment at a Coreix datacentre, your business prospects are immediately enhanced. Equipment is located within world-class infrastructure and bandwidth is tailored to your requirements, with 100% uptime guaranteed.

Whether you require shared space or access to a dedicated rack within a private environment, Coreix ensures your IT equipment is securely hosting in a way that allows maximum performance for mission critical online applications.

World-Class Datacentre, Unrivalled Service

Colocation at Coreix’s flagship datacentre in Enfield, London, provides clients with access to advanced power management, state-of-the-art cooling, and super-fast network connectivity.

Our Tier III specification building is the UK’s first carbon neutral datacentre and stands unrivalled in its commitment to excellence and security.

Fully lockable racks are highly resilient, benefitting from 100% renewable power, and are maintained at optimum temperature for enhanced performance. Eliminating the problems and risks associated with self-managing IT equipment, these racks are housed within a fortress-like structure that employs a layered approach to security to ensure full protection. This includes a three-metre high perimeter fence, NSI Gold accredited security personnel on-site 24x7x365, and round-the-clock CCTV.

Individual access is restricted to specifically required areas and all visits are pre-booked with screening carried out at entry. As a customer, these measures ensure that server security is never compromised.

With an unwavering commitment to performance and security, Coreix’s datacentre colocation solutions provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your servers are well looked after.

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