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Coreix Forex Server Solutions: The Difference between Trading Profit and Loss

In the fast-paced world of Forex trading, timing is everything. Success is based on good judgment, fast reactions, and the quality of your server.

You need to be online all the time without as much as a glitch. The performance of your server directly influences your performance in trading - reliability, stability, and low latency are critical.

At Coreix, we are vastly experienced in UK Forex servers and offer both the infrastructure and the expertise to ensure maximum success in your digital trades.

Driven by an ongoing commitment to provide outstanding server solutions to Forex traders at all levels of the industry, we are able to create configurations tailored to your needs for optimum results.

World-Class Infrastructure

Coreix Forex server solutions are housed within our world-class Tier III specification datacentres in London and are built never to fail - giving peace of mind that taking and closing trades can be done in total confidence.

Our high-end servers deploy the latest in Dell hardware and are fed by multiple networks, giving no single point of hardware failure to ensure servers are reliable and secure for Forex trading. Combined with low latency performance, this makes Coreix servers a must for anyone trading in the Forex markets.

Unrivalled Security

At Coreix, we believe that good security is at the heart of any successful datacentre and any worthy Forex server in the UK. In providing a service that you can trust and rely upon, each of our datacentres are certified to ISO:27001 and PCI DSS 4 as a minimum.

With 100% uptime on network and power and core infrastructure; network security in the form of firewalls, DoS/DDoS mitigation, and server hardening; and physical security provided by NSI Gold accredited personal and manned 24-hour CCTV within fortress-like facilities; you never have to worry about your servers being compromised.

In the Forex market, nothing less than the best will do. With Coreix UK Forex servers, the best is all we know.

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