Linux Dedicated Servers

Linux Servers Customised for Your Business

Combining the latest technology with outstanding customer service and unrivalled in-house expertise, Coreix Linux servers ensure optimal performance for all mission-critical applications.

In choosing a dedicated server solution for your business, stability and reliability are essential. You need to meet all workload requirements without any deficiencies. Thanks to its wide-ranging capability and compatibility, flexibility in high performance applications, network friendliness, and cost efficiency, Linux is the most stable and reliable Web server you will find.

From in-stock rapid deployment configurations set up to meet urgent requirements, to bespoke custom solutions tailored to meet specific workload needs for hardware resilience and easy upgradability, Coreix offers the finest Linux server packages on the market, powered by best-of-breed Dell chassis and Intel CPU choices.

Why Choose Linux Servers?

Linux servers are the most cost-friendly distribution on the market and this has increased popularity across the enterprise market. You will not have to look far to find a Linux server provider, but you will be searching a long time for one that rivals Coreix.

Unrivalled Support

From our datacentres in the heart of London, our trained support team works both for and with you to ensure any issues are resolved with lightning efficiency. All Coreix engineers are experienced with Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, and CentOS configurations and available 24/7/365 to respond to your needs.

Reliability, Guaranteed

With us, your Linux dedicated server solutions are protected by our 100% uptime guarantee on network and power and core infrastructure, as well as four-hour hardware replacement SLA. This, combined with round-the-clock proactive monitoring, offers total peace of mind that your business applications are in safe hands.

Unparalleled Security

All servers are housed within our Tier III specification manned security facilities, with custom Juniper Netscreen firewall solutions as standard.

If Linux dedicated server solutions are the chosen distribution for your business, you can rely on Coreix to go the extra mile to help your business excel.

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