VOIP Dedicated Servers

Coreix VoIP Servers: Clear Communication Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Whether you deliver wholesale VoIP provisions or simply require better infrastructure for your in-house systems, Coreix can help provide unrivalled connectivity and bandwidth to ensure crystal-clear VoIP calls for your business.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is more vital than ever in modern digital driven business. Through VoIP servers, organisations can move traditional phone systems over to modern server based configurations, reducing overheads and establishing a more complete phone solution.

By implementing VoIP, businesses can improve all internal and external communications and improve productivity.

From our high-security Tier III specification datacentres in the heart of London, Coreix is able to provide you with the perfect central location to enhance telephone infrastructure. Our VoIP dedicated server solutions are tailored to the specific needs, goals, and objectives of your business and these are created using the latest in advanced hardware to ensure high quality connections.

Whether you are making a call across the corridor or across the world, you can enjoy secure, rich conversations without as much as a stutter.

Offering guaranteed 100% uptime, state-of-the-art cooling and power management, and unrivalled onsite support 24/7/365, we have everything in place to ensure your business reaps the rewards of stellar communications.

With Coreix VoIP servers up and running, your operations will benefit from ...

  • Improved running costs - no expensive standard telephone systems, upgrades, or hardware replacement.
  • Enhanced clarity - no loss of signal in long distance calls. All voice traffic runs over high-quality network connections.
  • Increased productivity - instant communications improve employee operations and free up time.

Clear communication is a key component in business success. Choosing Coreix VoIP server solutions will ensure lightning fast connections that place you ahead of the competition.

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