Colocation Size

Do I need a full, half, quarter or multi rack solution?

Businesses needing full rack colocation are likely to require hosting for a number of servers with dedicated connections and high bandwidth requirements & are looking for full access to their own individual rack. This includes large e-commerce businesses that rely on a large amount of database processing power and large multinational companies that host their sites across the global market.

Half Rack Colocation (22U)

Half rack colocation is often used as a disaster recovery solution for larger companies as the majority of companies take the jump straight from a quarter rack straight to a full rack. This half rack will be located in an alternative data centre facility to the full rack solution, so if the worst should happen, all data can be backed up and available offsite. Small to mid sized businesses also occasionally employ half rack colocation solutions, although full rack colocation offers a better opportunity to expand than half rack solutions.

Quarter Rack Colocation (11U)

Perfect as an entry level colocation solution; combining significantly lower costs than a full rack colocation with upgradable bandwidth and power where necessary to ensure a flexible solution. Quarter racks are often lockable, ensuring extra security for your equipment. Quarter racks do have their limitations and are unlikely to be suitable for larger businesses that require an increased level of processing power or bandwidth - if you are consistently breaching your limits, quarter rack colocation becomes no longer effective for your requirements. Quarter rack colocation is ideal for smaller businesses that are looking to host their equipment in a secure facility that adheres to strict SLAs for uptime and other key variables.

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