Why Choose Colocation?

General Overview - Pros of Colocation

For many companies, the question: 'Why should I consider a colocation solution?' can be a particularly challenging question to answer. Here's a short (but perfectly formed) guide as to why you may wish to consider colocation;


Quite simply, colocation can save your business money. By outsourcing your IT solutions, you can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds as month as you don't need the power, bandwidth and space to host your equipment in-house. Many companies find that as they expand, their bandwidth costs, in particular, become prohibitively expensive and significant cost savings can be made by moving to a dedicated co-location datacentre facility.


Data centres have the added bonus of extra security, with the best having a range of security facilities in place such as 24x7x365 on-site security, full site CCTV, a perimeter fence & mantraps. This is a significantly more secure way to host your equipment than in a server room in the office!


When things go wrong, it can have disastrous effects on your business, particularly for those who provide e-commerce services online. A day, an hour, even a minute of server downtime can lead to lost revenue and a loss of consumer trust in your company. The best dedicated colocation facilities offer dual power lines, modular equipment and backup systems, meaning that you can be assured your equipment will stay online even when something goes amiss.

Technical Support

When you host your servers with a reputable datacentre company, you have access to round the clock support for fully qualified technicians - meaning that if your equipment encounters any issues you can have it fixed without having to make your way to the facility. By colocating your equipment in a dedicated facility, you can ensure your equipment is in the best hands 24/7, rather than hiring specialist in-house engineers which can be significantly more expensive.

Colocation vs Dedicated Server

This is commonly asked question - what can colocation offer your business that a dedicated server cannot? Quite simply, you own your equipment and you can make changes to these when and how you want. Whilst colocation is not suitable for every business, it allows for a far greater level of flexibility and because there is simply an increased one-off fee to purchase the servers and equipment, rather than renting them, it can be a far more cost effective solution in the long run. It is much the same as buying / renting a property - buying a property is an expensive outlay but will save you money as part of a long term investment as you pay lower monthly fees and still remain with capital if you ever decide to upgrade or offload your equipment.

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