On-Site Support

Why is round the clock on-site technical support important for server solutions?

24x7x365 on-site technical support is important for server solutions, particularly for companies with mission critical systems, due to the fact that without on-site technical support, any issues with your equipment either cannot be resolved until;

  1. Your staff come in to start their shifts in the morning (if the issue happens outside of working hours)
  2. You or an employee of your company visit the site to fix the issue
  3. The third party technical support service you have hired arrive on-site to fix the issue, which is either an expensive or lengthy product - or both

Having round the clock on-site technicians means that if something goes wrong with your server, it can be fixed quickly so that your equipment either receives the minimal possible downtime or, where possible, no downtime at all. When it comes to the majority of technical issues, the faster they are resolved, the better - and on-site support means an instant response.

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