Smart Hands

What is Smart Hands and why might I need it?

Smart Hands is a technical support system where technical staff who are located on-site are able to either proactively or reactively fix any issues that may arise with your colocation equipment. This means that you don't need to travel in to fix the equipment yourself or hire an outside agency to deal with the issue for you - which will save you time and money, as well as ensuring that your equipment has the minimum downtime possible.

Proactive Smart Hands

Proactive Smart Hands is where the technical team actively monitors you solution and if an issue is established, they will attempt to fix the issue without delay. This means that you can ensure the minimum possible downtime if any issue does occur - and all issues will be resolved without you having to notify the datacentre host that a problem is occurring. You will be notified of any issues that occur and the measures put in place to combat the problem. This proactive approach is ideal for companies with mission critical systems that require the maximum possible uptime.

Reactive Smart Hands

Reactive Smart Hands is where the technical team will fix any issues with your equipment, but you have to notify them of the issue or problem you wish to be resolved, as they will not be monitoring your solution. They can then begin resolving any issues - thus making this option 'reactive' and not 'proactive'.

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