Dedicated Servers RAM Performance

How much RAM do I need for my server solution?

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is effectively a form of computer or server data storage. In its most basic form, the more RAM your server holds, the higher the memory cache, meaning you can host more complex solutions on your server.

There are a wide range of factors that can affect the amount of RAM that you will require on your server. Some of these include:

Operating System

Different operating systems require differing levels of RAM to run smoothly. A windows operating system, for example, will generally be more RAM intensive than the equivalent Linux operating system.


Dynamic sites, such as those that heavily rely on databases and more server intensive programming languages will require an increased volume of RAM. The usage and size of the databases will be the determining factor to the RAM you require.

Server Applications

Firewalls, email clients & live monitoring software, amongst other server applications, will all add to the load of the server and thus the server will require more RAM.

Control Panel

If you have a control panel, such as Cpanel/WHM, Plesk or DirectAdmin, this can add further strain onto your server - meaning you may be required to increase your RAM capacity.

Traffic & Usage

Finally, and most obviously, the more traffic that lands on your site, the more memory you will need to keep your server flowing freely. Additionally, if you running an intensive application server or the server is being heavily used, then a further increase in RAM may be needed.

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